Our love for wine

Since 1956, Bodegas Terra Natura has continued with a rich wine-producing tradition that was carried on by the family business run by A. & M. Navarro for many years, dedicated to the production of high-prestige Mediterranean wines.

Through our dedication and the incorporation of the latest wine-production technologies, the best essences of tradition are wisely combined with our family philosophy to give each of our wines its own particular character.

Our love for wine has earned us a great reputation in all the markets in which Bodegas Terra Natura is well known for its excellent work and the enormous quality of its wines.

The aromatic properties, marvellous shades of colour, bouquet and appropriate strength of our wines make them ideal for satisfying the thirst and pleasure of the senses.

At the present time, Bodegas Terra Natura produces and bottles the best and most select wines bearing the Alicante Denomination of Origin.

Be sure to enjoy them ...

Bodegas A y M Navarro, SL - Pintor Juan Gris, 26, 03400 Villena (Alicante) - España / Spain

Apd :128 Tel:+34 965 80 14 86 FAX: +34 965 80 09 78 - email: export@bodegasterranatura.com